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Group Immersions

These immersive in-person group experiences are designed to holistically support you on different aspects of your healing journey. 

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Empower - Expand- Embody - Integrate

Rewilding Ancient Feminine Roots (2).png

Rewilding Ancient Feminine Roots:
Liberate the Wise Wild Woman Within


Now is the time to reacquaint with your primal ancient roots, to become unshakable, grounded in your heart and body despite any external force, and learn to hold yourself deeply anchored in self.

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Shamanic Light Activation:
Awaken the Medicine Within

Experience a deep cellular release and upgrade through the union of light body and physical body surrounded by supportive community.  Gain clarity on your mission and becoming rooted & confident in your unique gifts.

Women's Circle (2).png

Women's Circle:
Surrender, Soften, Receive

Be unconditionally supported,  nurtured, and witnessed  as you dive deep within creating a safe, intimate relationship with yourself. Learn to hold your parts in love, compassion, and acceptance

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Somatic Dance.png

Somatic Dance:
A Sacred Dance Journey 

 Playfully tap into the wisdom of your body, grow, and fall in love with all parts of you as your own dance partner in life! Come home to self through radical self-acceptance and flow with the rhythm of your body. 

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Yoga Nidra Meditation
(Conscious Sleep) & Sound Healing:
Rest, Rejuvenate, Restore

Ease into holding deeper trust for yourself, and create space and opening for more receiving and surrender in your everyday life. Be washed over with a sense of ease, calm, and serenity as you are guided through breathing, body awareness, relaxation techniques.

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