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Channeled Tarot Sessions

Welcome to this personalized life guidance online session which will support you deeply in coming home

to yourself and connecting with your intuition. 

Each session starts with a gentle arrival and open discussion.

We will create sacred space for you to be held and witnessed exploring a topic, concern,

or area of interest you'd like to dive into. 

We will work together to phrase empowering questions to enhance and direct the energy for your reading.

You will be guided into a grounding centering meditation, which will then guide and open the channeled session.


Channeled sessions are like a mirror, reflecting what is already within you, which comes through your guides and higher self. All readings are completely personalized just for you, from you. No two readings are alike. 


I become the vessel, from how the messages are relayed from your guides and higher self.

My guides and higher self connect with yours and as I speak, relaying these messages,

the energies are shifting and clearing naturally and instantly.


The 78 cards in the tarot deck contain symbolism for messages from your guides, higher self to communicate with you consciously and reflect your intuition in another way that can be more easily understood by the conscious mind and applied practically in everyday life. It is not a fortune telling system, rather it is a tool of guidance from connection with your internal navigation system or compass within, that is relayed visually, energetically and verbally. 


Each deck has its own nuanced energy. 

Benefits of Channeled Tarot Sessions

-Empowerment/empowered choice 

-Deeper connection with intuition, higher self, guides

-Confidence and clarity to make an empowered decision 

-Greater self awareness 

-Illumination of unconscious, beliefs, patterns, and blocks/obstacles

and how to move through them

-Understanding and insight on how past, present, future experiences are intertwined 

-More intimate relationship with self emotionally, mentally, spiritually

-Greater self trust

-Nurture relationships 

-Energetic clearing and releasing

-Support aligning with your highest path 

-Sense of peace, comfort, and calm 

-Validate your intuition



-Relationship (any kind)






-And more

All sessions are held online over Zoom

Session Options: 

30 minutes: $45

60 minutes: $80

90 minutes: $120

60 or 90min options also include sound healing and light language (combo)

Sound Healing calms and regulates the nervous system, quiets the mind,  creates more receptivity,

and openness to go deeper. It relaxes the body and mind,

and begins to clear the density and gunk clogging channels of receiving.

To learn more about sound healing and Alchemy Singing Bowls, check out our About Section.

Light Language is a channeled frequency or energy (similarly to reiki) but is spoken and signed.

It is the language of the soul and universe. It provides a deep cellular and energetic detox and upgrade.

It is often experienced as very calming and soothing and uplifting.

To learn more about Light Language, check out our About  Section. 

Create a sense of empowerment and confidence as you are guided back home to your truth. 


Select option below and click corresponding button to purchase your session.

Please see bookings and policy section below for information on scheduling.

Please contact us prior to purchasing with any questions.

30 Minute Session
Tarot Only

60 Minute Session

90 Minute Session

Bookings and Policy


To schedule, cancel, or reschedule your channeled tarot session please email Bekah.



I look forward to journeying deeper with you. 


Note: Channeled Tarot Sessions must be scheduled within 1 month of purchase, otherwise price amount is forfeited. Please email Bekah 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment otherwise session will be lost.  Zoom Link will be emailed day prior to scheduled appointment  to the

email address you provided on purchase. 


Disclaimer: Channeled Tarot Sessions are for entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional therapy or professional legal, medical or financial advice.

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