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Yoga Nidra Meditation (Conscious Sleep) & Alchemy Sound Healing

Rest, Rejuvenate, Restore

Welcome To Yoga Nidra Meditation, also known as "Conscious Sleep" a deep union of mind, body and spirit. This is a beautiful 75 minutes journey where we will slowly invite your senses and mind to switch off and receive.


We'll ease into holding deeper trust for yourself, and create space and opening for more receiving and surrender in your everyday life. Through these gentle yet profound practices you'll release shame, guilt,

and feelings of unworthiness blocking you from receiving the relationships, love, community, money,

and experiences your heart truly desires!



Be washed over with a sense of ease, calm, and serenity as you are guided through breathing, body awareness, relaxation techniques in Yoga Nidra Meditation (Conscious Sleep).


As you journey you will progressively enter deeper layers of relaxation as the body and mind are able to let go of racing thoughts, worry, tension, exhaustion, and anxiety, and are able to rejuvenate and restore itself as if in deep sleep while remaining conscious and aware.

40 minutes of this practice is equivalent to 3.5 hours of deep sleep.


By setting an intention in this deeply relaxed state we learn to effortlessly create new patterns and habits.


This gentle yet powerful practice can be done by anyone. There are no difficult poses. Simply lay back and be guided into a peaceful state of being.

Class is Co-Ed

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After our Yoga Nidra you will be immersed in the ancient sounds of the Alchemy Crystal singing bowls as your body and energy align with harmonious frequencies that reset and relax your entire system. Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are the highest quality sound and vibrational medicine tools available. The healing sounds will be weaved through the space and into your body. The vibration of each unique bowl will wash away what is energetically no longer needed and drift into even deeper levels of blissful relaxed awareness. The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls connect you to your innate healing and inner guidance.

Check out our About section to learn more about sound healing and Alchemy Singing Bowls.

Your Journey includes:

-Introduction of Yoga Nidra and sound healing

-Arrival meditation

-Yoga Nidra (total relaxation)

-Sound Healing


Yoga Nidra & Sound healing can support the alleviation of many conditions such as:


– Anxiety disorder

– Stress

– Pain


– Depression




It can also help support emotional and physical healing:


– Relaxation

– Improved memory and concentration

– Improved sleep

– Clarity and balance

– A healthier immune system

– Enhanced creativity

– Overall heightened awareness – of self and the environment

-Improved Sleep

-Elevated Mood


After a Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing Session People often feel...


-A Sense of relief like a huge weight was lifted

-Lighter and more focused

-Calm with a silent, still mind

-Focused and energized

-Whole, renewed

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Energy Exchange $35

Time: 7-8:15pm


Peak Yoga and Wellness

1 N Bothwell St, Palatine, IL


Register on venue's site.

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Upcoming Dates

Every 3rd Friday

Friday, Sept 15

Friday, Oct 20

Friday, Nov 17

Friday, Dec 15


Sun and Moon Yoga

2026 Oakton St, Park Ridge, IL 60068


Register on venue's site.

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Upcoming Dates

Every 1st Friday

Friday, Sept 1

Friday, Oct 6

Friday, Nov 3

Friday, Dec 1

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