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About Light Language

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Light Language is a channeled vibrational  frequency that is spoken, written, and signed. It is an ancient vibrational healing modality that bypasses the logical conscious mind and works directly at the cellular, energetic, and quantum levels to support us in healing the wounds that run deep, relinquish conditioning,

and support us on the evolutionary journey of life. The vibrational frequency of Light language

assists the nervous system to regulate entering a state of surrender, safety, and receptivity.

It  invites the mind to quiet down, the body to relax, and enlivens the soul.

Light Language is the language of the soul (the language of the universe).

It can sound familiar to the logical mind but is understood by the heart , soul, and body. Sometimes additional messages may come through that the conscious mind can decipher. 


Light language transmutes dense stuck energies and supports us in processing periods of transition. It is often experienced as calming, soothing, and uplifting. It supports us in the integration of our multi-dimensional cosmic selves with the human self as one through the integration and activation of union codes as well as activating other light body codes and dormant gifts and medicine, and upgrading and expanding our active gifts, expanding self awareness. It is a supportive tool on this journey of soul evolution through the human experience. 


There are many  dialects of Light Language with their own unique nuanced vibrational frequencies originating from different starseed systems and higher dimensions, such as Pleidian, Arcturian, Dragon, Angelic, Sirian etc. and sounds different depending on the dialect. The sound, tone, and quality of the voice of  the person channeling Light Language will often organically shift when channeling different dialects. The dialects of Light Language being transmitted can weave between each other as the frequencies flow. 

Light Language transmissions can be experienced face to face over zoom or in person, or pre-recorded and equally as healing and restorative. It can be transmitted for an individual precisely for their unique blueprint, or generally for the  collective. When channeled for the collective, the individual still receives their own unique healing on a broader sense. 

Listening to a Light Language Transmission Can Be Felt As: 


-Calm, peace, soothing

-Lightness and openness





-Rising energy (Kundalini Awakening)

-Slight itching or small twitches

-Warm or cool sensation

-Pressure in the third eye or other chakras


Each time you listen to a light language transmission may feel different as what you are releasing and activating will be different and accessing deeper layers. It is also completely normal not to feel any extra sensations.

Benefits of Light Language May Include:

-Recode limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits to create radical shifts to make the empowered choices needed to manifest your desires into tangible reality

- Dive into deep trust in the sacred container of your heart to guide you on your highest aligned path, and reclaim & embody your innate worth, power & sovereignty 


-Awaken, amplify, and learn to work with the ancient medicine and gifts that lives within you


-Connect with your internal navigation system (intuition and psychic abilities) learning to ground energetic information into the physical body 


-Heal holistically (mind, body, spirit)  on a cellular & energetic level in a supported group of likeminded people and integrate your higher self from 5D Spirit realm to our here and now 3D realm 


-Cultivate stronger trust, belonging, and love as you deepen your relationship with self, Spirit, and earth


- Ground as you re-establish your unbreakable connection with earth & cosmos in an integrated state of being 


-Explore your starseed origin roots & learn to connect and work with the support of your spirit team of guides, angels, animal totems, star family, and ancestors

- Release, process, and integrate stuck energy and emotions for a sense of liberation, freedom, and empowerment


-Emerge as the fully expressed version of yourself  to boldly and confidently share your voice 


-Cultivate strong healthy boundaries

-Gain clarity and insight on your soul’s mission and heart’s desires, and motivation to take aligned action accordingly

-And So Much More

Ways to Experience Light Language


Option 1

 Book a (20 Minute) Individual 1:1 Light Language Energetic Transmission.

Available virtually via Zoom. Click HERE to purchase. Then email Bekah to schedule your appointment. 

Energy Exchange $45

Includes option to record session at no additional cost


Note: Must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase otherwise purchase amount is lost. To reschedule or cancel your appointment, please email Bekah within 24 hours prior to appointment or purchase amount is lost. 


Option 2

Check out the Group Shamanic Light Activation page for an updated schedule. Includes 1:1 individual light language transmissions, group shamanic journey, sound healing, and more

Option 3

Check out the Channeled Tarot Session page to book for a combo 1:1

Light Language, Sound Healing, and Tarot Session

(60 and 90 minute sessions available)


Coming Soon

Recorded Light Language Downloads Coming Soon


Disclaimer: No medical claims are made. This is not a substitute for medical advice or health care consultation.

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Contact Us

Contact Bekah with any questions and to learn more!


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