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About Tarot

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Tarot is an intuitive guidance tool used to access deeper layers of intuition, connect with your higher self and guides, gain clarity and confidence to make informed empowered decisions, and so much more. 

There are 78 cards to each tarot deck and each deck has its own unique energetic imprint based on the artwork. Of the 78 card, 22 are called Major Arcana and the remaining 56 cards are called Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards represent major life lessons, repeating  patterns, and karmic themes we are here to learn and move through on a grander scale.

These are often patterns we see repeat on deeper levels throughout our life. The 22 Major Arcana Cards tell the story of The Fool's journey to enlightenment, and all the people, advisors, tools, and lessons he learns along the way.

Enlightenment is the journey, not the destination and the journey is a spiral of cycles. 

The Major Arcana are also connected to the astrological zodiac signs. The Minor Arcana depict the everyday,

more mundane life lessons, struggles, obstacles, achievements, relationships etc. 

Tarot is universal. Symbolism from all regions, cultures, systems (ex: numerology, astrology, color theory) can be found within the artwork of the cards. It is heavily rooted in nature with each of the 4 suites of the Minor Arcana

representing the 4 elements (air, fire, earth, water). 

Suites of Minor Arcana

Suite of Wands: Fire-creation and destruction, passion, movement/action

Suite of Cups: Water-flow, surrender, emotional realm

Suite of Pentacles: Earth-physical, tangible, concrete

Suite of Swords: Air-mental realm, thoughts, words, communication

Common Tarot Myths Busted

Myth 1: Tarot predicts the future 

The future is always changing based on our free will choice. Each decision we make shapes and altars the future. Tarot can provide a snap shot of where we are headed in this moment of time. Instead of asking closed ended questions that tend to be disempowering and give our power off to an external source, we ask open ended empowering questions. Exploring with empowering open ended questions, brings the power and choice back to self building inner stability, trust, and confidence

Myth 2:  You must adhere to certain beliefs to read tarot or receive a reading

There are no requirements or organized beliefs to adhere to with tarot. It is universal and personal to you. The messages that come through are a reflection of the wisdom already within us, but is sometimes difficult to access on our own. 

Myth 3: Tarot is evil or will make bad things happen 

The cards are neutral in energy. There are no good or bad cards and hold no power. The tarot cards are simply visual representations used to access our internal navigation, intuition, and inner wisdom. 


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To learn more about booking a 1:1 channeled tarot session, click here to visit our Tarot Session page 


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