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Sound Healing & Singing Bowls

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What is Sound Healing?


Sound healing uses the medium of sound and vibration to heal holistically (mind, body, spirit, emotion, energetic). Thoughts, words, and emotions all carry their own frequency and working with sound healing can illuminate unconscious beliefs and  unlock blocked or unexpressed emotions for processing and integration. This leads to greater self awareness, empowerment, and sense of liberation while creating more harmony within the body. When emotions and beliefs are left unprocessed they can unconsciously wreck havoc on our daily lives and relationships,  and create dis-ease within the body. 


Sound healing supports you in expanding your capacity to feel and hold lighter emotions such as joy, love, gratitude, and access lower, denser emotions such as grief, anger, and worry with more ease to release and process them. This is key to creating balance within everyday life both internally and externally, and supporting overall inner safety, security and stability. 

A wide variety of instruments and tools can be used in sound healing. At Sacred Sound Therapeutics, we use Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls as the primary form of sound healing. These are the highest quality sound and vibrational medicine tools available. The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls have a wide range of benefits. Scroll down to learn more!



Additionally sound healing tools such as rattles, shamanic drums, chimes, and more are used within the group immersions. Humming and toning along with sound and vibrational healing tools is another

way to amplify the healing benefits of the vibrational medicine tools.


Benefits of Sound Healing

Physiologically, through the vibration and frequency from the sound healing tools and vibration and frequency in the body it can stimulate the vagus nerve through the branch in the tympanic membrane (ear drum), supports nervous system regulation, and can alter brain wave states for healing purposes. See list below of benefits.

-Profound relaxation and improved quality of sleep (reduction in insomnia).

-Improve immune system function

-Emotional release, integration, and balance

-Reduced stress and anxiety

-Elevated mood

-Reduce pain, headache, and tension

-Energetic detox and release energetic blocks

-Quiet the mind and greater clarity

-Overall sense of ease, calm, peace, and wellbeing

-Ground and centering 

-Create sense of safety and security in the body

-Increased motivation

-Greater self awareness

-Support alleviate symptoms of PTSD

-Support recovery from addiction


Sound healing works with the neuroplasticity of the brain by attuning the frequency of the brainwaves  to the frequency of the singing bowls through rhythmic frequency. This can also harmonize the hemispheres of the brain through entrainment with binaural beats and we can reach slower brainwave states while remaining conscious.. Each brainwave state affects shifts in the release of neurochemicals in the brain. See the list below for more info on brainwave states. 


Brainwave States and Hertz 

(Following Brainwave Info From Crystal Tones-Maker of the original Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and  Lucky Thanka Site)


Gamma 30 - 100 Hz: Memory recall, Peak Awareness, Cognitive, Enhancement,

Transcendental states, High-level information processing, increased awareness of senses,

frequency to process large amounts of date quickly


Beta 14 - 30 Hz: Common waking state, Focused attention, High-Level cognition, Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Stimulates action and energy, state of fight or flight, anxiety, stress, and scattered thought can occur in this state, overactive Beta brainwaves can contribute to insomnia


Alpha 8 - 14 Hz: Relaxed Focus, Positive Thinking, Accelerated Learning/Memory Recall, Stress Reduction, Flow State (effortlessly engaged in an activity or environment), Meditative/day-dreamy state, Bridge Between Conscious and Unconscious, Increased Imagination and Creativity, Synchronized Brain Hemispheres

Supports Health Benefits Such As: Reduced anxiety, Alleviates stress and depression, Reduces chronic pain, Reduction of high blood pressure, Increases athletic performance, Increased  cerebral blood flow, Increased motivation, energy, and happiness 



Theta 4 - 8 Hz: REM Sleep, Pain Relief, Calms the Mind,  Deep Relaxation, Inner Peace,

Increased Emotional Stability, Heightened Intuition, Meditation,

Trance/Dream State, Creativity, Timelessness, Increased Visualization,

Synchronized Brain Hemispheres, Improved Memory, Increased Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Connection,

Supports Health Benefits Such As:Speed healing, improved physical healing,

Improved Quality and Quantity of Sleep,  Reduce mental fatigue, Reduction of anxiety and stress,

Research has proven thirty minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being. Theta meditation has also been known to result in a reduced need for sleep.



Delta 0.1 - 4 Hz: Deep Dreamless Sleep, Pain Relief, Healing, Access to unconscious mind, Anti-aging, (cortisol reduces, DHEA increases), Physical and Mental Restoration, Release of Anti-Aging Hormones, Increased Empath, Understanding, and Compassion, Deepest Relaxation and Healing, Deepest Spiritual Connection and Deepest Connection to Unconscious Mind, Referred to as the gateway to the unconscious mind and the collective unconscious-bringing access to the universal psyche or mind. 


Types of Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are often made of brass (tin, copper, zinc) or a 7 metal combination (tin, copper, zinc, iron, lead, gold, silver). These are great for mindfulness practices and meditation, space clearing, and developing focus and concentration. Tibetan singing bowls have a tendency to be more difficult to get started to sing. 

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls are well suited to work with the human as the structure of the quartz more closely resembles the crystalline structure of your cells and  the water molecules of the body act as a conductor  for the vibrations to work within the body and biomagnetic field (energetic field). The vibration of the quartz crystal singing bowls gently yet deeply "massages" out stuck and blocked emotions and energy so they can be witnessed, processed, and integrated creating more lightless and spaciousness within the body.


The frequency and vibration of quartz singing bowls are effortlessly absorbed and utilized by the body.

The body has an innate intelligence and the energy will go where it is needed automatically. 

It induces self-healing on all levels and shifts can immediately be experienced.


You can also set an intention to super focus or direct the energy as well. An intention is a mindfully crafted phrase or thought coming from a pure desire for a specific shift in consciousness.


 Quartz crystal singing bowls are made of 99% quartz crystal. Quartz is an amplifier. Therefore it will enhance and amplify other healing work being done including the intentions set

at the beginning of the sound healing session. The quartz crystals in every singing bowl

are able to amplify, store, focus, transfer, and most importantly transmute energy.

Additionally, quartz crystal singing bowls can clear space energetically through the vibration and intention. 

The Classic Frosted Quartz Singing Bowl are more basic and good for an introduction to crystal singing bowls. They are tuned to a specific note that correlates to a chakra and come in a wide range of sizes. Typically the smaller the singing the higher the pitch and the larger the singing bowl the deeper the pitch. Higher pitched singing bowls are great for focus and concentration, connecting with the higher chakras, and uplifting and enlivening for the mood. Mid-range pitched singing bowls are great for centering, and creating balance and harmony. Deeper pitched singing bowls are used for grounding. Each size has a multitude of uses beyond this overview.

Crystal Tones offers high quality Classic Frosted Quartz Bowls with impeccable sound and resonance at the price point. They are not mass produced so you can rest assured you will receive a crystal bowl with steady resonance and solid structure made from quartz crystal mined in USA structure unlike cheaper quartz singing bowls found online or through other makers that can be unpredictable and more fragile. 

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are made of 99.99% quartz crystal and infused with other precious gems, stones, and minerals with a unique patented formula by Crystal Tones. You not only receive healing from the sound and vibration , but also the color frequency, tone, note, energetic properties of the infused stones, gems, and minerals, and the corresponding chakras. One Alchemy Singing Bowl can work on many layers and levels. They are cosmic and earth shamanic healers. 


Crystal Tones is the original maker of infused crystal singing bowls and produce the finest sound and vibrational medicine tools available. Their uniquely formulated technology, precision, and quality control create singing bowls with the clearest, purest resonance that sing for a very long time. It protects the energetic properties  and esthetic beauty of the infused stones, gems, and minerals that cannot be found anywhere else. The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are smaller and lighter weight than their Frosted Singing Bowls cousins making them easier to transport and play. Their energy is very much alive

and can be felt even just being present with the bowls before playing. 

Each Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl is one of a kind and unique, and a true piece of art. There will never be two exactly alike just like no people are exactly alike. Each has their own unique energetic imprint and medicine, and comes with an authenticity number from Crystal Tones and hold their value for all of time. 

The Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls come in a wide range of colors, sizes, notes, and infused gems (and combination of infusions. No two are ever alike. They are each true refined masterpieces in a league of their own. 

The limitless combinations within one Alchemy bowl makes the healing uses and possibilities sky high.

Working with a set of singing bowls expands those possibilities endless. 

Below you'll find some examples of energetic and healing work that can be done.

Examples: ancestral healing, inner child healing, womb healing, heart healing, build confidence, 

inner stability and security, grief healing, spiritual awakening, kundalini rising, 

 expand intuition, activate medicine, catalyst for massive shifts, letting go and quantum leaps,

connect with guides, embodiment, remove entities and curses, past life healing, 

feminine and masculine energetic integration, and so much more

The Healing Power of Sound Healing in Daily Life

Sound healing is truly for everyone, and the best part is you don't need any special musical or therapeutic training to get started. There are endless ways to incorporate the highly beneficial, healing properties of sound healing into both your personal and professional lives with the ease of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Below you'll find some ways to integrate sound healing with singing bowls into your personal and professional life.

There are even so many more ways beyond the lists below. It can easily be utilized at home, in your holistic or western medicine practice,  or corporate world. 

Personal Life  Sound Healing Integration

-Mindfulness and meditation practice

- Grounding and focus

- Family unity

-Emotional wellness and balance

-Bedtime routine for improved sleep (children and adults)

-Begin and end the day with self-soothing, regulating practices for balance and harmony

-Affirmation practice

-Stress relief


-Creative practices

-Nervous system regulation

-Study and work break practice for greater focus and concentration

-Prayer or Intention Setting

-Devotional practices

-Ritual and ceremony



Professional Life  Sound Healing Integration

Common fields to integrate sound healing with: Psychotherapy,  Grief Counseling,  Legal Mediation Sessions, Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractics, Physical Therapy, Reiki or other energy work, Shamanism, Coaching/Mentorship, Meditation Facilitation and Retreats, Yoga Practices, Corporate Settings,  Schools, Country Clubs and Community Centers, Schools/Programs for Austism in Children and Adults, Musical Composition, Social Work, Addiction and Rehabilitation, and more

-Develop quicker and deeper rapport with clients 

-Invite clients to be active participants in their healing

-Compliment other modalities to enhanced and deeper client experience with accelerated results

- Sound bath ritual and classes

-Expand client base

- Massage music

-Nervous system regulation for groups, couples, and 1:1 sessions

- Musical accompaniment

-Team building, motivation, and increased productivity

-Sense of community within workplace

-Introduce holistic wellness for improved health and lifestyle


Connect with Your Bowlmate

How to Purchase Your Own Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

The decision to bring Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls into your world is an investment in your wellbeing, health, relationships, work, quality of life, and future. There is no aspect of life the Alchemy Bowls leave untouched. Their healing benefits are extraordinary and connecting with your very own bowlmates is a very special exciting time!

The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls truly choose you. The best way to choose a singing bowl or set is to follow what you're drawn to and resonate with. You can also set an intention for what energies you'd like to call in and let that intention guide your process. The one(s) that choose you may not always be what you expect!

There are a few ways to connect with your Alchemy Bowlmates. See below.

Note: All Classic Frosted Singing Bowls will be ordered directly from Crystal Tones and shipped directly to you. If you are interested in a Classic Frosted Singing Bowl or Set, please email Bekah with your budget, preferences in size or tone, intention, and any questions! We're here to guide you on your journey! Classic Frosted Singing Bowls only come in White.


Option 1: Book a 1:1 Singing Bowl Consult 

In Person (local to Chicagoland) or Online via Zoom singing bowl consultations are available. For in-person consults, Bekah will bring Sacred Sound Therapeutic's current Alchemy Singing Bowls right to you where  you can play them first hand and tune into each one individually, and/or build a set. For out of state clients, Bekah will play each singing bowls through a special microphone via zoom where you can relax, receive, and tune into which singing bowls resonate. Bekah is available the entire time for guidance in choosing your and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. 

1:1 Consults require a $250  non-refundable deposit to confirm the appointment.

This gets applied toward the total cost of same day purchases

Email Bekah to schedule your singing bowl consultation today!

Option 2: Attend a Group Immersion

Be immersed in the exquisite sound and vibration of the alchemy singing bowls and in one of our group immersions.

Afterwards, you have the option to choose your very own singing bowl.

Note: not all available singing bowls will be present at once at each event. Bekah will be available for 15 minutes after each immersion to answer questions and support you in going home with your own singing bowl. This is a great way to stay present and continue the healing at home.

Option 3: Purchase Directly from our Shop

Check out our Shop for the all of our available Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. There are links for audio clips in each description. If you're local to Chicagoland and would like to pick up your bowlmate, please email Bekah PRIOR to purchasing to make arrangements and avoid shipping costs. Otherwise, all orders will be shipped within 3 business days to the address provided at checkout. 

Payment Plans and Discounts

Payment Plans are available for all Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls (single and sets) through our website


$444 Discount on all 3 Bowl Sets

 11% Off  Sets of 7 Alchemy Singing Bowl (or More) 

If you wish to purchase a set directly from our website without a consult, please email Bekah PRIOR to purchasing for a special checkout link with the applicable discounts. 




Each singing bowl purchase comes with everything you'll need to start playing right away:

includes a mallet and o-ring for each singing bowl.

Protective carrying and storage cases can be purchases separately for an additional charge. 3-4 singing bowls of varying sizes can safely nest per bag for easy transport.

Silk Cases are great for storage and travel by car. These come on gold and lavender colors, and include a side pocket for a mallet.  Ballistic Cases (shown right picture) are safe for travel by car, train, or plane. They come in a dark purple color with an inside pocket to store the o-rings, an outside pocket with flap to store mallets, and the 8" and larger bags come with a carrying strap. 

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