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Shakti Ma
Rebirth Your Inner Child with Divine Mother

Our relationship with our human mother begins to be shaped from the moment of conception,

and continues to evolve through gestation, birth, and as we grow up.

The quality of the dynamic with our mother sets the tone for how we perceive ourselves, how safe and secure we feel in the world, and sets the foundation for every relationship we have through life. 

When our mother cannot meet our emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual needs in the way we need to receive them it impacts our development and how we attach

drastically creating instability and dysfunctional patterns throughout life.

This could be due absence (emotional or physical),

neglect, narcissistic or other forms of abuse, traumatic birth or inherited ancestral trauma. 

This can result in feeling unwanted, unlovable, unworthy,  abandoned, distrustful, people pleasing, co-dependency, anxious and/or avoidant attachment, difficulty setting boundaries, fearful of expressing your thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, lack of secure identity, lack of self esteem and confidence,

overly self critical, fear of becoming a mother, perfectionism, and self sabotaging.

This conditioning plays out in the types of intimate partners and friends we choose, support system (or lack thereof) and often reflects the dynamic we had with our mother unconsciously trying to get our needs met and heal the relationship. It can also be seen in the types of opportunities we go after, our relationship with body and intuition, how fulfilled and happy we feel in life, satisfaction in our work and finances, etc. 

As you can see our relationship with our mother is one that is vital and significantly impacts the quality of our life. 

Motherhood was never meant to be done alone. Even when growing up with a healthy, happy, secure mother there will be something missing. The missing piece is our relationship with Divine Mother and Gaia Mother Earth.

In ancient times this bond would have been established consciously throughout life from the time of birth,

but sadly has been lost in the modern age.

This program was birthed to not only heal our mother wound by learning to reparent ourselves,

but also establish that deep unbreakable bond with Divine Mother and Earth Mother

to be held, supported, nurtured, and loved fiercely and unconditionally.

This type of unconditional love and support is beyond what even the best human mother could provide. 

What to Expect

-Disentangle and dissolve from conditioning to become confident and secure in your identity

-Find your voice and freedom of expression to discern what beliefs, stories are yours and what was inherited so you can be free of the wounds and triggers, feel worthy of and communicate your needs for deeper fulfillment and clear boundaries

- Gain clarity and embodiment in your medicine and magic to connect with your soul purpose, and innate worth and value,  so you can manifest the relationships, community, love,

and abundance you deserve and desire


-Give your inner child the nurturing, love, compassion she needed growing up  to cultivate deeper trust, safety, support, and belonging right now


-Learn to regulate, self soothe, and hold space for yourself  to move through anything that arises along the journey of life so you can remain balanced and master the pivot


 This Is For You If

-You have done the work and consciously knows your worth and value, but the sneaky stories that you are not enough, must silence your voice,  are misunderstood, are unwanted, will be persecuted or shamed for revealing your medicine, needs, desires etc keep running in the background blocking you from living a life of true joy and fulfillment personally  and professionally 

-Your internal managers and protectors' hypervigilance keeps  a watchful eye trying to anticipate what's next, tends to try to control and manage situations, and often leads to self sabotage or not making the moves that will give you the relationships, freedom (financial, emotional, mental, physical),

or intimacy your heart longs for

-You grew up in a home feeling you couldn't have needs or your emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical needs were not met. This could be through an absent mother (death, emotionally unavailable, or abandonment), neglect, narcissistic or other forms of abuse, role reversal having to grow up fast and be the caregiver, or who weren't loved in the way you needed

-You struggle to eliminate your remaining people pleasing, co-dependent, fawning, perfectionism,  or self-critical tendencies, feels like you don't belong or not sure who you are, 

has difficulty saying no or holding healthy boundaries,

and tends toward anxious and/or avoidant attachment style


- 12 Weeks of Guided Support 

-9 Pre-Recorded Channeled Energetic Transmissions

-3 Integration Practices (Recorded)


-9 Playlists for each transmission

-9 Additional downloadable embodiment practices

Week 1

Gaia & Sophia

 Be held in the womb belly of the cosmos and earth and restore your connection to Mother Earth and Mother Goddess to learn how to be supported, and remember your eternal connection through reimprinting, initiation, and ceremony; Placenta Healing Ritual

Week 2


 Find YOUR truth and voice. Clear and restore your center of communication and expression, learn to commune with your higher self, body and heart wisdom, and your spiritual guidance team

Week 3

Mother Mary

Experience being seen, loved, and wanted unconditionally while held in the arms of Divine Mother as receive nurturing, gentleness, and loving tenderness to nourish you and your inner child parts

Week 4

Integration Practice 

Week 5 

Mary Magdalene

 Dissolve and redefine fear,  repair the relationship with your body and connection with your body wisdom; Ancestral Womb Lineage Ritual and Initiation of Rose Lineage Purification Ceremony

Week 6

Kali Ma

 Experience the fierce love of Divine Mother as the protector; Learn to prioritize your needs and wellbeing, set and enforce boundaries, and discern what is your true intuition vs wounded body intuition; Dissolve codependent, people pleasing tendencies, and other limiting conditioning

Week 7

Quan Yin

 Learn to see all parts of yourself through the lens of karuna (unconditional) compassion, soften the walls of your heart, transition from loops of suffering to thriving and balance, cultivate patience, acceptance, forgiveness as you reinvent your relationship with time; Dragon Mother Ritual 

Week 8

Integration Practice 

Week 9


 Journey to shed the layers of who you were told you are or supposed to be, detox shame, expectation, obligation from your body and field, release karma, cords, and other ties that have kept you bound repeating similar patterns, and remember who you truly are and meant to be

Week 10


Rebirth your true soul heart aligned identity, cultivate self awareness and anchor in your pure self sourced identity as you get to know yourself more intimately, expand self-mastery over the pivot and navigation of your soul aligned path; Soul Name Ceremony

Week 11 

Green Tara

Galactic integration of your human and spirit, become aware of & embody the unique frequency of your soul's gifts and medicine from all lifetimes, reconnect with your starseed family to cultivate another layer of a sense of home and belonging within the human experience 


Week 12 

Integration Practice



$3333 Value

 Price only $555 for Pre-Recorded Shakti Ma Program






-12 Week Pre-Recorded Shakti Ma Program

-1:1 Support via Messenger/Voxer

- 1 Live 40minute 1:1 session via zoom per month (total 3).

Must be used within 3 months of purchase

$11,111 Value

Only $2222

Email Bekah to chat if VIP UPGRADE with 1:1 Option is right for you

(Only 2 VIP Spots Available)


Payment Plan Available 

For more info or arrange payment plan,

email Bekah at

Disclaimer: No  medical or psychological advice is provided and  is not  a substitute for care from a physician.

Note: All Sales Final

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